Seminars and workshops


29/10 2021  Research infrastructures in heritage institutions

Kl.13.00–13.45Dr. Katherine McDonough, researcher at The Alan Turing Institute, the national research institute for data science and AI in the UK placed at British Library in London: Building Collaborations for Historical Research

14.00–14.45Dr. Annika Rockenberger, Oslo University Library : Why Digitisation Isn’t Enough. A Case for Developing Big Data Humanities Training and Teaching alongside Cultural Heritage Mass Digitisation

15.00–15.45Marcia Reed, Chief Curator and Associate Director Getty Research Institute: The Archives You Take Become the History You Make: Selecting and Connecting Diverse Collections


27/8 2021    Forskningsdata och forskningsinfrastrukturer inom humaniora och   samhällsvetenskap (Arin Savran, SND; Daniel Brodén, Göteborgs universitet/Swe-Clarin; Stefan Ekman, Karlstads universitet)

27/1 2021 Digital Humanities Now (Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, em. King’s College; Johanna Drucker, UCLA; Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, University of Geneva; Douglas Biber, Northern Arizona University; Christof Schöch, Trier University)

6/11 2020  Digital Tools and Methods (Katrin Glinka, Humboldt-University; Stuart Dunn, King’s College; Tom Cramer, Stanford University)

13/11 2019   Rethinking Digital Cultural Heritage (Oliver Grau, Danube University; Kathryn Eccles, The Oxford Internet Institute; Julia Noordegraaf, University of Amsterdam)